Welcome to the 21st Century’s new norm!

Post/mid COVID-19 options for a GREAT show
I am happy to announce that after a YEAR of wonderful Zoom* parties (who knew virtual shows could be so successful and fun! I feel like I was really able to maximize the kids’ and families’ experiences), and with the lifting of some restrictions, I was finally able to go back to in-person (outdoors only**) shows!
I added funny bits that are directly COVID related to break the ice with the kids and it works GREAT!
While most guests come from their own “Bubble” / Cohort, and even though I am Vaccinated (YAY Pfizer!), I keep the appropriate Social Distance from the kids.
Hurry up and book your event with me through the “Contact” page or directly by phone (Calls, Texts, WhatsApp, WeChat are all acceptable).
Lets Be safe, Be happy and Celebrate!

* I am still working via Zoom and doing shows World Wide,
** Once approved by health officials, I will provide indoor shows as well

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